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A Theater District in cities plays an important role in showcasing, preserving and developing Arts and Culture. It also provides recreation and entertainment and helps enhance urban life and quality of living. Economists and town planners see Theater District playing a major role in economy, attracting business, attracting investments and in making the city a truly Global City.

A Theater District in Hyderabad is important to make it a truly Global City and consequentially attracting MNC’s and investments .

Great Cities are not just cities with tall buildings, wide roads and swanky airports fast metro stations and large shopping malls . Great Cities are cities which offer high quality of living; offer a variety of opportunities to its people in education, jobs and businesses. Cities that promote social interactions, not only within family and friends, but in the larger community. Cities that understand the richness of human life and that human life is not merely job, occupation and sustenance but also understands and fulfills the need for expression and multitude of experiences – Cities that provide opportunity for recreation, sport, entertainment, arts and culture.

It is no coincidence some of the greatest cities in the World, all have theater districts – be it Broadway in New York, Covent Garden West End in London, The Asakusa Rokku in Tokyo, The Theater District in San Francisco etc. Proactive town planners of emerging cities feature a “theater district” as a strategic intervention. Theater Districts have now also become important in City revival plans.

Growth of economy is an integral part of growth of city. In the ancient times cities grew where there was water, shelter and food. Later City economies and Cities developed around places which had commercial natural resources like iron ore, cotton, coal etc., or along commercially important trade routes and ports like Bombay, Calcutta, London, New York etc., and businesses are attracted to such cities.

Today the resource that can attract investments and businesses to cities is Human Resource. And Human Resource is attracted to cities which offer 
high quality of living. High quality of living goes beyond tall buildings, wide roads and swanky airports. It goes beyond stable electricity, good water, 
sewage system and civic amenities. It goes beyond good law and order, safety and security. These have become mere essential prerequisites. To attract quality Human Resource, cities should offer
 entertainment, arts and culture. And Theater Districts are therefore extremely\ important component of Great Cities.

The Telangana Rashtra Samithi recognizes this and has plans to make Hyderabad the No. 1 City in India once again.

The detailed ideation of The Theater District in Hyderabad would involve leading experts from around the country like Rajeev Sethi , Sonal ManSingh Amir Raza, Prema Srinivasan, etc as well as local talent like Ali Baig, Univ of Hyderabad, Dept of Performing Arts etc to detail and fine tune the enterprise .The Culture Hub is visualised to be inclusive , culturally and visually aesthetic and most importantly become a vibrant hub for talent across all theater and art forms including traditional and modern expressions of entertainment. The concept encompasses multiple theatres for stage , dance , music , talks and workshops. It is visualized as multiple world class Opera houses, music halls and amphitheaters , the likes of which have not been seen in India , This concept will be strengthened by the surrounding smaller culture points for simultaneous options of various art forms and will be complemented by the required support infrastructure like food, parking , novelty shopping, etc.

A city should built on its strengths and Hyderabad is world renowned for its love of culture, dance, music, painting, poetry and food. This lends itself to an entire experience.
A series of restaurants cafés and eateries ranging from street food of India to international fine dining experiences will form part of the plan. The cluster effect will be mutually supportive and envisions the creation of “experiences ”

This experiential cuisine showcase is most appropriate for our culturally rich ethos and will create an amalgam of Indian culture, handicrafts, and folklore along with an authentic food experience. The intent is to ensure authenticity and immersive experiences while leaving the visitor spoilt for choice . Other essential infrastructure like parking , security, appropriate zoning , accommodation are also visualised as part of the plan.

The Theatre District of Hyderabad will not only put Hyderabad on the map as a Global City but also enhance Hyderabad’s positioning as a great environment attracting talent and hence further business . In this era of Knowledge, not only IT sector, but a range of other sectors like Finance, banking , research and Analytics that depend on quality manpower, will consider Hyderabad as a preferred location due to this strategic inclusion ., which will also serve as a virtuous reinforcing cycle in the all round development of the city and the state.

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