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Family Background

  • Grandson of Shri. Konda Venkata Ranga Reddy, Former Deputy Chief Minister, Signatory to Gentlemen Agreement,
  • Son of Justice Konda Madhava Reddy, Former Chief Justice of A.P. and Maharashtra, and Former Member of Council of Smaller States, Founder Chairman, Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT)
  • Son-in-Law of Dr. Pratap C. Reddy, Founder & Chairman of Apollo Hospitals

Educational Background

  • Hyderabad Public School, Begumpet (till SSC)
  • Little Flower Junior College (Intermediate)
  • Bachelors in Electrical Engineering – University of Madras
  • MS. Electrical Engineering – NJIT, New Jersey, USA

Professional Experience

  • Adjunct Faculty Member, Essex County College, USA, Taught Computer Science to Undergraduate Students (1985)
  • Adjunct Faculty Member, Dept., of Electrical Engineering, NJIT, USA, taught Electrical Engineering to Senior Engineering Students (1986)
  • Design Engineer in Malwin Electronics, MIL-STD sub-assemblies for aerospace, defence & medical industry (1988)
  • Wipro HCIT Ltd., – CEO & MD – Part of the Wipro group – One of India’s most respected IT Company (1999)
  • General Electric MSIT – CEO & MD – Part of the Global Conglomerate MNC, renowned for its technology, management and Good Governance (2003)
  • Citadel Research & Solutions Ltd., – CEO & MD

 Entrepreneur – Companies/Businesses started

  • President – Reddy Electronics Corp. Iselin, NJ. USA – Manufacturing high reliability Electronic MIL-STD sub-assemblies for aerospace, defense & medical industry.
  • MD – Citadel Research and Solutions Limited. – Company involved in Research & Development in the fields of Software, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Solar Energy. The company has many patents along with Vishweshwar Reddy
  • MD – Stephan Design & Engineering Ltd., – Research & Development and              Medical and Industrial Equipment / Instrumentation /Software
  • MD – AVV Turbines Pvt. Ltd., – Manufacturing and service of Steam Turbines

Technical Projects

  • Design of an EMG Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Algorithm
  • Reliability Analysis of a Myo-electric Controlled D.C. Motor Driven Prosthetic
  • Real Time ECG Monitoring Algorithm
  • Design and Fabrication of a Digital Lighting Control System.
  • Design and Fabrication of a Computerized Surface Area Measuring Instrument
  • Development of the NRx Hospital Network protocol. 

Technical Papers Presented

  • Numerical Control of Systems
  • Microprocessor Based Lighting Control System
  • Microprocessor in Increasing the Efficiency of Electric Drives
  • Computer Adjudication of Claims

Inventions, Patents & Copyrights

  • HiPar – Pharmaceutical and Drug Knowledgebase
  • HIRePS – Software
  • HICoRe – Software
  • Patient Transfer Trolley
  • Transfer Belt Mechanism Associated with Patient Transfer Gurney System
  • Lighting for Sports Stadiums and Outdoor Arenas
  • Cost Effective and Transportable Lighting for Outdoor Arenas
  • Rodless Cylinder with Longitudinal Slit and ‘L’ shaped Load Transmitting Element
  • Support Structure and Arrangement for Parabolic Mirrors used in Concentrating Solar Power
  • Rodless Cylinder
  • Sandwich Insert

Political Views

  • Decentralization of power.  Local bodies empowerment
  • In a democracy majority always wins, which implies minority always looses.  The tyranny of the majority should be avoided, regional, communal and linguistic minorities should be protected
  • Smaller states have better governance and develop faster

Vision and Aspirations

In the next two decades India has an opportunity to reach its full potential and become not only the No. 1 country in the world in terms of economy, but also a role model for a democracy

Great changes are possible in a short time and this is the decade of those changes.

JKMR Activity

The goal of this program is to give an opportunity and exposure to the rural youth, instill confidence & attitude, and develop multi skills

Progressive Telangana Foundation

Progressive Telangana Foundation…. Telangana Development to Telangana Activism …

Social Activities

  • Conducted 24 multispeciality medical camps in different mandals of the                constituency with attendance between 700 to 2000 in each camp
  • Trained more than 125 JKMR 12th failed students in the constituency and provided employment
  • Social Entrepreneurship program – Chevella Farms
  • Involved in Flood relief activities at Alampur
  • KV Ranga Reddy Memorial Cricket Tournament More than 120 matches                conducted so far with more than 150 teams registered.  Finals to be           conducted in two weeks.
  • School Painting and essay writing competitions conducted in more than 80 schools in the constituency.
  • Besides NSS camps, training for army recruitment, employment generation programs
  • Conducted 3 KV Ranga Reddy Memorial Mushairas

Political Activities

  • Joined on 9th June 2013 in TRS party as an MP candidate, Chevella Parliament
  • Before the date of joining in TRS apart from Pargi, the Party is not much                active in many parts of Chevella Parliament Constituency
  • Conducted Opinion polls before & after joining into TRS party
  • TRS position was in the bottom of the table and after joining the position of TRS party headed in top of the table.
  • 24 out of 27 mandals we have paid volunteers who are qualified social workers
  • Enrolled 12 youth per polling booth of KVR Progressive Network.
  • All are issued with ID cards and are in constant touch by way of email and SMS.
  • Currently 11000 members were enrolled and planning for 25000 enrollments across 2000 booths.
  • Visited more than 23 villages for assessing Crop Damage
  • Keeping in view of the activities being organized by KVR, many youth members are coming forward and joining as KVR Yuvasena
  • Active presence on social media Facebook – Konda Vishweshwar Reddy FB Page has more than 11000 likes
  • Campaign team consists of professional campaign managers with Masters Degrees in Applied Politics,/Campaign Management, USA, and experienced     local politicians
  • Family being from constituency for more than 7 generations, has presence in more than 70 villages and are all qualified and educated professionals
  • More than 60 Mandal level political programs
  • 1500+ press coverages published in various news papers in the last six months
  • Conducted Seminars and Studied on Palamoor Ranga Reddy Lift Irrigation and Pranahitha Chevella Project
  • Put Telangana village names and Sign Boards in more than 300 villages in the constituency
  • Got resolutions from more than 300 villages from Sarpanches and Youth groups asking for separate Telangana and submitted to Sri Krishna Committee

Telangana Agitation on streets, along with JACs and Political Parties –

  • Vanta Vaarpu
  • Million March
  • Sadak Bandh
  • Rail Rokho
  • Sansadh Yatra
  • Sakalajana Samme
  • Sakalajana Bheri
  • Assembly Muttadi
  • Saagara Haaram etc.,

Associated & Supported various JAC organizations since January 2010.

  • Telangana Udhyogula Sangam
  • Greated Hyderabad Telangana Udhyogula Sangam
  • Students JAC
  • T NGOs
  • Telangana Vidhyavanthula Vedhika
  • Retired Irrigation Engineers JAC
  • Engineers Association
  • Telangana Teachers Association
  • Telangana Retired Teachers Union (TRTU)
  • Telangana Municipal Employees Association
  • Telangana State Youth JAC
  • TRSV
  • TRS Kaarmika Vibhagam
  • Telangana Private Udhyogula Sangam
  • Telangana Medical Contract & Outsourcing Employees
  • Indira Kranthi Padham Employees
  • Telangana MEOA (Mandal Education Officers Association)
  • BC Gharjana
  • Yadav & Kurma Sangam
  • Telangana Azad Force
  • Telangana Technical  Forum
  • Telangana Kummara Employees and Professionals Association
  • Ranga Reddy Journalist Forum
  • Telangana Electronic Media Journalist Union
  • Telangana Angadi
  • Telangana Netizens Forum

Other Activities 

  • Board Member of IHS (Institute of Health Systems)
  • Founder Trustee Progressive Telangana Foundation
  • Founder Trustee of 10K Run
  • Advisory Member to Harithon – Hyderabad Green Marathon/Run
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