Congress, BJP & TDP gave incomplete Telangana, do you still want to vote for them

.Vote for TRS to achieve our rightful Telangana

.Congress, BJP and TDP are in the rat race to claim the credit for Telangana formation and continue to hoodwink the people of Telangana

Hyderabad, April 26th, 2014: Congress, BJP and TDP are in a rat race to claim the credit for Telangana formation and continue to hoodwink the people. The fact is, the Telangana they got us is incomplete, it’s not the Telangana, people of Telangana and TRS fought and sacrificed for, Said Vishweshwar Reddy, TRS Chevella Lok Sabha candidate.

They say you got a separate Telangana and self rule, but what we got is a state with common high court, common capital, the law and order in our capital city is not in our hands, Vishweshwar Reddy says. Seven mandals of Telangana are being merged with Andhra. Do you call this Sampoorna Telangana and should we vote for Congress for such a Telangana. Do you want to vote for the parties which deprived you complete Telangana or for a party which fights for a complete Telangana.

During Nizam Rule, Hyderabad was the most industrialized city in the country. In the last 47 years of Congress and 17 years of TDP rule the city has been destructed and most industries in the city have closed. Would you want to vote for such parties.

If you vote for these parties you will remain a slave and continue to live as second hand citizens in your own state. After 60 years of these two parties rule, Telangana still has 30 to 40% illiteracy, 50% populace doesn’t have permanent shelter, 60% of the people don’t have proper employment.

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