Bhumi Puja of Chevella Farms

Yesterday, we had performed the Bhumi Puja of Chevella Farms – a social entrepreneurship venture supported by JKMR Foundation.

The main idea behind the venture is to make agriculture sustainable by helping farmers realize a better value for their produce. Here’s a little background of how the idea of Chevella Farms was born.

Plight of the Tomato farmers from Chevella:

Tomato is a 4 month crop from seedling to harvest and it is highly climate dependent. Many small farmers around Hyderabad, (especially from Chevella area) grow them to supply to the Hyderabad vegetable market. Due to various factors including climate, availability of water and demand supply factors, the prices of tomatoes fluctuate significantly. Oftem the fluctuations are as much as 100 times. The farm procurement prices of tomatoes vary from Rs.50 per Kg to 50 Paise per kg. Due to these fluctuations many small farmers incur huge losses.

Year after year we have seen that during time of harvest the prices plummet and the heart broken farmer ends up dumping his produce on the roads and see his sweat, toil, investments and his dreams disappear in vain.

The question is what can we do?

Chevella Farms along with the rural youth of JKMR Foundation are attempting to make a difference. They are creating a demand and support price for farmers, by manufacturing wholesome products from fresh farm produce. Following the credo of NO Preservatives.

Products of Chevella Farms will include, Gourmet Pizzas, Soups, Pasta Sauces and Purees.

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