A Mandate to Serve – KVR’s Vision for Chevella


Photo: A cross section of the electorate of Chevella Lok Sabha Constituency along with Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, releasing his vision statement for the Constituency

Laying the Path for a Better City, Better State and Better Country

A Mandate to Serve

While I don’t believe in talking too much about who am I, I do believe that my family and educational background, professional experience and achievements make me a worthy candidate in the contest for Chevella MP. It is important that the electorate knows complete details about all their candidates so that they make an informed decision on who to vote for. This document attempts to provide the electorate details about me and my vision for the next five years as a Member of Parliament.

My Belief:

I believe that the environment we create around us is physical, intellectual and ideological in nature. Vision, good planning and meticulous implementation must go hand in hand. I am convinced that innovation, science, engineering and technology with a committed and capable leadership can transform our country. I believe that “leaders” are public representatives, not “bosses”.

In order for this to happen, politics must change and I firmly believe that people are ready for that change. I am confident that the electorate recognizes this shift and will vote for “change”. I believe that regional parties that solely operate on regional interests have a better chance at focused development than the national parties.

Why did I enter politics?

My philosophy in life – If the country has to flourish a State has to grow; if a State has to grow the cities have to develop; if the cities have to develop, the families who live in the cities must be happy; and for the families to be happy individuals need to be happy and content.

I ventured into business for the happiness of my family and myself which brought me success. But what I found was that many people around me are not happy, and for me to get extended happiness, I need the people around me to be happy too. I researched the causes for the general unhappiness of the people and found that their issues can be addressed with awareness, focus and commitment. Towards this goal, I started the following initiatives:

• Free medical camps which benefited over 50,000 people

• Conceptualized and implemented training programs for youth – more than 2000 rural youth have been trained in employable skills

• Chevella Farms, a social entrepreneurship project to help farmers

• Rural Adventure Sports Project aimed at providing employment to rural youth

These professionally managed initiatives have proved to be a success. I was able to make a difference to the lives of few people but want to take it to a larger scale by influencing policy makers and implementers at all levels. To achieve this goal, I joined politics and am standing for Member of Parliament from Chevella which includes the constituencies of Serilingampally, Pargi, Vikarabad, Tandur, Rajendranagar, Maheswaram and Chevella.


My vision for Chevella Parliamentary constituency is really the vision of the people of this region. I visualize a model city – progressive and developed, in which people have a better standard of living and a bright future for their children. I also visualize vibrant rural hubs that ensure a good quality of life for young and old so that people avoid urban migration and flourish in their home towns. I strongly believe that it can be achieved by improving civic infrastructure and social infrastructure. These must be complemented with a “cultural district” which provides a venue for multiple cultures to interact, which in turn attracts the quality human resources.

How can we make Telangana the most Progressive State in India?

In today’s world, any city that attracts good human resources flourishes to the maximum. Hyderabad is the only city in India that naturally has a few of the key characteristics that attract good and quality human resources – pleasant weather, a multi-cultural society and low real estate costs. These need to be built on.

My goal in political life is to make Hyderabad the place for quality human resource. Talented people will flock to the place that offers a good quality of life and a high standard of living. Every person living in the State, notwithstanding where he comes from, is entitled to equal opportunity.

The core to development is to address the needs of the individual which include the quality of living and standard of living. To improve the quality of life of the people, it is necessary to see that the following are addressed:

• the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter (roti, kapda, makaan)

• the infrastructure necessities of electricity, water and roads (bijli, paani, sadak)

• the social requirements of employment, education and healthcare (rozgar, padai, dawai)

To improve the standard of living of the people, it is necessary that the following are addressed:

• Safety of all citizens including traffic management, air and noise pollution

• Connectivity and transport facilities like air, rail and road services

• Recreation facilities like parks, theatres and other avenues of entertainment

The Government of India and the State Government has many schemes and programs for the development of the people, but the efficiency of the usage of these funds is questionable. By bringing in good governance with efficient monitoring systems, the utilization of these funds can work towards the development of the people.

Statement of Purpose:

• I will ensure that my work speaks for itself

• Every paisa of the MP LADs fund will be used for the constituency

• In addition, we will access funds from the multiple central government schemes which are not being fully utilized, like the Jawaharlal Nehru Urban Renewal Mission

• Close tie ups with scientific and research institutions to bring science, engineering, technology and research to work for our people

• Strategic inputs will be given to create a master plan based on the research, latest town & civic planning and global best practices. This master plan will be implemented in a sustainable way with close monitoring by a professional team

• I will setup and run a professional office that will operate 24 x 7 – one in Chevella to cover the rural areas, and another in Rajendra Nagar/Serilingampally to cover urban areas. A team consisting of an engineer, a MBA, a social worker and a policy expert would be monitoring the implementation of works in the constituency

• I will maintain an open door policy and be accessible to members of the constituency for a few hours every day at the offices and I will tour every mandal frequently

Constituency-wise Development:

Taking all the above into consideration, and based on the extensive research done by my team and me over the years, I have developed a region specific plan:

Rural – Chevella, Vikarabad, Tandur, Parigi, Maheshwaram part:

– Palamoor – Rangareddy lift irrigation Project

– KG to PG “forced” free education

– Education and Agricultural training using Digital Theaters.

– Rationalize GO 111

– One Agro Processing unit for every rural assembly segment

– Telemedicine centers for every village

– Include artisans (Kula Vruthulu) in the National Rural Employment Program

– Skill Building Training for youth in ITI colleges

– Clean drinking water station for every village and town

– Create employment opportunities by inviting innovative and social entrepreneurs to the region

– Special Martyrs’ fund to take care of Martyrs’ family

– Subsidies for agricultural allied tools

– ITI and Polytechnic colleges in Tandur

– 200 Bedded Hospital in Tandur

– Increase Juntupally, Salarnagar, Kotpally and Laknapur ayakattu

– Complete Shivasagar lift-irrigation

– Check dam at Tandur on Kagnur River

– Supporting aided schools and saving them from closing

– Farmers Market “raithu bazaar” in every town

– Completion of gas based power plant at Shankarpally

– Renovate and provide latest equipment to TB sanatorium at Ananthagiri

– Special board for red gram crop to get right price for the farmers

– Declaring limestone and black marble (Naparayi) Industries as small-scale industries

– A government Degree college in each assembly segment

– A government Junior college in each Mandal

– Additional Primary Health Centers in each mandal

– An Old Age Home in every assembly segment

– Underground drainage system for towns and municipalities

– Better roads and transportation systems

– Special education provisions for SC’s, ST’s and Minorities

– Minimal power disruption for farmers and businesses

– Efficient RTC bus schedules for students and employees

– Special roads for commercial goods transportation in Tandur

– Lower pollution levels and improve environmental standards in Tandur

– Complete the pending Manjeera Water Project in Vikarabad

– A “Special Examination Center” in each assembly segment for all government competitive exams

– Irrigation water for one lakh acres in each assembly segment

– 8 hours free electricity for farmers

– 30 bedded hospital for every mandal

– Free two bedroom, hall, kitchen and toilet houses for the needy

– Pensions for widows, handicapped and senior citizens

– 3 acres farmland to SC families who depend on agriculture

– 12% Reservation for STs and Minorities

– Vikarabad as the headquarters for the new district

Urban – Serilingampally, Rajendranagar, Maheshwaram (part)

• Urban and rural reconstruction

• Develop good human resource to make the city flourish by

– Fulfilling basic needs like drinking water, electricity, housing and sanitation, roads and transport systems, healthcare, nutrition, etc.

– Fulfilling social needs of safety, recreation, education, and building on the multi-cultural society that exists

– Fulfilling economic needs like employment, encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship

• Multifaceted economic development

– Developing world-class infrastructure in power, telecom and IT

– Developing small, medium and large-scale industries

– To make Telangana a major exporting state, a global manufacturing hub and a preferred service provider to the world

• Social development to enhance the quality of life

– Empowerment of the underprivileged and women

– To make Hyderabad a world class education hub and Telangana a center of Knowledge Economy

– To create a Theatre District for showcasing, preserving and developing Arts and Culture, provide recreation and entertainment and to attract businesses and investments by making the city a truly Global city

• To benchmark the city of Hyderabad and the state of Telangana to international standards of governance, infrastructure, social and economic parameters

– To develop comprehensive good governance reforms

– Strengthening of civic infrastructure including roads, sewerage and water, electricity, parks and public areas, etc.

– Empowering the municipality and official machinery to get their job done with corporate-like monitoring systems

– Address issues of safety of all persons living in Hyderabad, especially women and children

• Professional implementation techniques and mission mode type monitoring of key initiatives to ensure flawless and timely execution

• Empowerment of the underprivileged and women

• Developing small, medium and large-scale industries

For Hyderabad City:

– Improve civic infrastructure, roads, housing, sanitation and drinking water

– Rationalize G.O. 111

– Daily drinking water to every house

– Timely delivery of gas cylinders

– Policies to lower commodity prices

– Underground drainage system

– Parks and Public places in every division

– Empower the municipality and official machinery, and introduce professional standards to get their job done

– A Theatre District to preserve and boost the multi-cultural identity of Hyderabad

– Quality healthcare through Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Health centers

– Improve sanitation using waste management plants

– Encourage innovation and enable entrepreneurship aiding in multi-faceted economic development that guarantees employment for all skill levels

– Ensure equal opportunities to all residents of Hyderabad

– Provide rational, knowledgeable and competent leadership to Hyderabad

– Drinking water from Krishna phase-II

– New bridge between Rajendranagar and Kismathpur

– Jobs for families who lost lands for central government institution

– Improve environmental standards in Gagan Pahad industrial area

– Complete the pending Rajendranagar – Vikarabad link railway line

– Revoke G.O.166 and construct free houses for the poor

– Protect Government lands from land grabbers

– 200 bedded hospital for every division

– Government degree college in Serilingampally

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